Some basic work with a partner or in shallow water or anything that suits you. First stand  as your partner lies on the ground and with good posture fall onto him with your fists aligned and forward and store the power of the fall in your tendons so you can use it to push yourself up and back again. This is also a drill to build spirit as you have to learn to accept what is coming at you and continue to breathe. Otherwise you can get hurt. Next lie on top of your partner in whichever way suits both and do straight back sit ups and leg lifts one by one. The uneven and moving sufrace teaches you adjust to what is happening all the time and to work honestly (otherwise you fall off) A nice way to add to this drill is to do one sit up or push up and than roll together and have the partner do one and back again. Now Stand on your partner and do straight backed squats and vary your foot placement. If you have several people you can move from one to another in every suuat and form a chain.

All these ideas are without any worth by themselves. Do them and find the way which suits you, so you get to “know yourself” This way you can move your own way and survive. 

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