Place your fists on a partner and do push ups on his body. There are many ways to do this good drill and here are a few:

close your eyes and do push ups on the body traveling one arm at a time.

Go down in the push up and hit your chest to the body part you are working on (though all the body is effected) lift your arms and place them again in different places and rise again. This is good for placement.

Jumping push ups with or without a hand clap.

Go slow on the way down and fast on the way up or the other way and remember to let the breath start the motion

Go down and let the fists rotate on the body so the elbows rest on the body when you finish going down.

Have a partner hold a staff or anything else and place one hand on it as the other does the push ups off the body. This can also be done by holding onto a leg of someone standing close or by any means you find where you are.

Become aware to your partner breathing and go down on his inhale and up on his exhale.

Do regular push ups as your partner to the drill moves you around with his limbs and you work freely to be able to keep doing the push ups. This can be a very funny drill to do and watch.

Do the push ups as someone holds your legs and moves around the ground partner and you work to stay free and mobile. 

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