Start by placing your hands on the floor and finding a comfortable position on your hands and feet. Now move around with your eyes (what can you see) and body without moving your feet or hands from their location and check what you can do with the body in this position. Remember not to lock out your joints and to use everything. Now release on limb off the ground or let it trail on the ground and check again what you can do with this added freedom and mass. Can you strike, roll and so on and repeat this for all the limbs. It is also good to do this with eyes closed. You never know what might be dropped over your head.

With a partner have him push you with his legs and arms while you first maintain the fixed placement of the hands and feet and find a way to let the movement pass without hurting you. Later on do the same with one limb free to travel and later on with your choice of limbs. Remember to remain free in your head and move from standing to crouching and moving on your hand and feet and crawling as you do this freely. The terrain in which you will operate is yours to use and you should make use of the cover and concealment it provides to come back home afterwards in one piece.

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