Uneven breathing

Most times we use the same amount of breath and time to inhale pause and exhale. To learn to handle your emotions, disruptions and strikes better, go through a breath practice where you start with even breath (for example two heart beats inhale, two for the pause, two for the exhale and two for the pause) and from there stretch one of the phases and return and than the others in a way that will teach you to control your mind and body in relaxation and under stress. For example you start on the ground and your partner walks over your body and squats from time to time, changing the distribution and point of impact on you. your job is to continue working on your breath and learning to manage the different points which are asking for your attention without loosing awareness of your breath. Later on you can do this drill walking alone and decide 4 steps for the inhale, 4 steps for the pause, 10 steps for the exhale and 10 for the second pause. This will teach you to manage your intake and outtake of breath and to relax your body in this stress (do not harm yourself and progress gradually, the best way to climb down a flight of stairs is by walking down)  Once this is done a few times stand on one leg and have your friends push and pull on you or perhaps use sticks if they are around to help you learn your own balance and mobility as you breath unevenly on purpose and this will give you a much better grasp of how awareness can slow down your personal time and allow you to perform better.

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