A few tips for the daily push ups and all:

When you do your push ups have your fists in different positions from time to time and anjust to the different directions this guides you in. Place one fist on your partner or a pillow that is soft and moving and adjust to the changing of hight and the imbalance. Have a partner place his foot on one part of you and adjust to the tension you create to maintain form. Keep your tension at the minimum to stay free and efficient.

When you do sit ups place your self over a partner or a pillow and change its location under you so you learn to feel different grounds and work with it without struggling to perform a known movement. Have a partner strike you on both ways and remember to change your breathing from time to time. Inhale on the rise, pause for 10 sit ups and so on. Be free from pattern.

When you do leg raises repeat the partner or pillow below drill and add to this awareness to your pulse and remember to feel the ground under you and align the lower back to the ground as you begin to breath. Relax your feet as you do so and your leverage will improve with the relaxation.

When you do the squats you can do them standing over a partner with one or two legs. You can do them with your kid in your hands if you are lucky to have one and remember to tense and relax different body parts to learn to move with tension and despite the tension. A good way to learn this is to do the drill when a partner tenses up around a part of you and you have to remain relaxed or activated at will to master your own mind.

There is a lot of work here to do for me and for everyone. The trick is not to write a 400 page book with illustrations (although I am ) the only trick is to do the honest work.

Best regards, Sharon

Systema Israel.

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