Being the target

In many cases we make choices that propel criminals and other attackers to us. For example if you have a parking spot that is not well lit and you have a lot of bags in your hands and you go to the car and only then look for the keys without any knowledge of your environment than you are doing a lot of the work for them and that is just the start.
If you are in another country and go shopping try at least to notice how others are treated and how they expect to be treated. A lot of surprises happen in these events and noticing where you are will lower the chance you are taken by surprise. If you are in an airport it is likely the soft drink will cost five times the cost in your home land but if you will look there will be a jewelery store where you will be given this drink for free just for coming in and maybe make a purchase. If you feel uncomfortable with another person on the street or elsewhere be glad your senses are working to keep you alive and choose an action to do. Walk away, call for help, move your girlfriend to the house side of the sidewalk if a van passes and glides along you  but be in charge of yourself.
Most assaults are not made by huge muscular or armed fellows with black belts. They are made by people who got passed the empathy for others or are too lazy to work. Sometimes they will shoot you for saying no, sometimes you can save your family by resisting a kidnapping forcefully. You are making a decision in any case. Make it conscious and use all that you have, Heart, mind and soul.

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