Yesterday I gave a lesson on one leg: You could stand on either leg or switch as you like (not walking though) and this is how it went:

On the ground starting waves in the hips and directing them upwards and than downwards a few times to release tension in the spine and coordinate the breath with the movement.

first spend two minutes with your eyes closed on each leg.
Sit down and stand up with the leg not touching the ground.
Now roll forward and backwards a few times without using the “air” leg or having it touch the ground.
Now hitting:  All done with everyone on one leg and hitting repeatedly
Chest to chest
Back to back
shoulder to body
elbow and fist combo

Now more work on relaxation and awareness:

We worked on unbalancing and having the partner more completely from his place using the slightest leg touching. We worked slowly with the purpose of understanding and feeling the posture and how to use it and working small with the foot itself and without unbalancing ourselves. as in all breath and your own alignment is key in relaxing so you can work without tensing up and becoming unaware to others.

The lesson ended with a fun drill where you had a knife on your person and you had to advance draw and work with the partner deciding if they want to stop the draw, escape or disarm. We also talked about the common trend of people coming up to other people with the knife already extended before them and how that is not something we choose to stay close to.

Enjoy the weekend, you have earned it.

Systema Israel.

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Sharon Friedman

Student and teacher of movement and Martial art. Husband and Father. I can rebuild you, I have the technology :)

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