The ankle and the many joints and muscles of the foot are often neglected in daily life. They are often covered and even constricted by hard shoes or boots. It is healthy to walk barefoot from time to time to let the feet breathe and the skin on the feet to adjust and sense more than the shell of the shoe. Start by walking on all parts of the foot, heels, toes, sides and so on and on different heights so you become more away to the part these joints and available movements provide you and continue to walk as you tense up different parts of the foot as you go. Stand on one leg and have people push you as you work to balance and let the movement go and breathe.
Stand next to a wall or a friend and place a hand on the support so you can bend and rotate beyond what is possible without falling and keep the feet flat on the ground as you change the tension and push/pull they provide. Do this for a while and see how you can align yourself and keep guiding your body through the feet and ankles even in positions where your alignment is off or gravity has a slight advantage.
An example of this is the fall forward where you either stand or sit on your knees and fall forward as the hands are clasped behind your back or neck. There is an experience of fear and loss of control here during the fall and you can lessen this fear by guiding your body through the feet which will remain on the ground as you fall. I will put a video soon for this purpose as it is much easier to understand by doing.

Train honestly and keep your own mind. Avoid riding someone’s mindset or feelings. Know yourself

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Sharon Friedman

Student and teacher of movement and Martial art. Husband and Father. I can rebuild you, I have the technology :)

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