A good drill to learn to move and blend with a partner is to walk and have a partner stab or push you as you walk and you need to move your entire body as a whole with the stab or slash to avoid harm and to keep moving. This will allow you to survive attacks better and for the attacker it is a good chance to practice moving without intention to harm and just do the work focusing on moving just what needs to be moved and relaxing the eyes and mind. Also important is to move the knife without showing it to the partner and to add the stab to your movement and not the other way around.

After you do this for a while add the body movement to flatten the blade on the body as you avoid getting hurt and after a while adding a hand focusing on giving no support to the attacker so he will not have a change of plans and on your own movement. Avoid trying to succeed or make a grab and allow it to come to you and than you will see the available opening instead or trying to make one. Think of it as one step to avoid but to close or escape and keep walking.

The attacker should strike the walker in the face or anywhere that shows the emotion or intent with his free hand if the walker tries to overpower and wrestle the knife away and thus helping him see the pig picture and relax.

I suggest you start with rolling slowly on each other as you hold the knife to relax each other and than if you can walk slowly on each others body to bring awareness and relaxation before the above written drills are done.

And remember that you have a second chance only if you live though the first.

Published by

Sharon Friedman

Student and teacher of movement and Martial art. Husband and Father. I can rebuild you, I have the technology :)

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