Hi, I get a few mails asking for a routine to work with or questions about Systema. I will be glad to help if I can but please start with answering the following questions with care.

(If it is a specific question just send it)

1 What is Systema for you? How would you explain the work to someone else?
2 Where can you feel the pulse in your body?
3 Check the major areas in your body and tense and relax them. Which parts also tense and relax in addition to what you want done and can you relax them once you are aware of them?
4 Stand on one leg and close your eyes. How long does it take for you to loose balance if you are doing simple movement like head turning, shoulders rotation and writing with your hands and leg in the air. How does it feel? Where do you tense up?
5 Take a tennis ball or something alike and roll it on the ground. Walk and squat and pick it up a few times without stopping the movement and note if your alignment is affected, Do you look down, Do you stop at any point and so on.
6 Place your hands behind your neck and with the breath sit down and get up a few times. Avoid using your knees to get up and write how you did this.
Repeat the drill lacing fingers behind your back and write if and how you tensed and changed the alignment of your back.
7 Lie on the ground and use both legs to draw your name in the air and do the same in reverse. Write how it felt and how did you move.
8 Take your ankles or feet in your hands and roll with the face toward the knees a few times and write where did the movement start and how did you roll.
9 Take your ankles or feet in your hands and bring your hands to the lower back forming a loop. Now roll side to side. Again, How did you move and breathe.
10 Start square breathing and rise in the count as you walk. What is the highest number you can reach and hold for at least ten minutes? How does it feel. Where does the tension lie ?
11 How did you feel when you where doing these drills. What did you focus on, Which parts of the work appeal to you? Which parts of the work where uncomfortable or meaningless?
12 What questions do you want answered using Systema?
13 (last questions) How do you use Systema in daily life?

A video will be welcome but not mandatory.

Systema Israel.

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Sharon Friedman

Student and teacher of movement and Martial art. Husband and Father. I can rebuild you, I have the technology :)

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