Start squatting in front of your partner as if you are tying your shoe or admiring your reflection in the polish of your boots. Raise your hand and place it on his leg and slowly feel where he is relaxed and where he is tense and let your hand slide to where it feels you can move him through it. Relax the elbow so it aligns with the opening in his tension and move to change his heading so he doesn’t face you anymore or take him down while you take care not to get a hello from his boots. Do this from several directions and use both hands to do the work. Once this is done, Start doing the drill where he comes toward you with the goal of tapping on your head or slapping your face and you need to avoid this and use your legs, body and arms to redirect or fell him.
Move to do this with running and leg hits and also work with several people as they come at the same time to close the circle around you. If you will be polite and take turns you are actually not letting each other learn and that is impolite.
Note that the legs are very easy to effect when the person is starting to transfer his mass to the landing leg and when the supporting leg carries all the mass by itself. You can learn to clean yourself of these openings by walking from the body so the legs are more free. Advance slowly and avoid being goal oriented within the other survive first and do the work. Instead of winning try not to lose. (Vladimir and Mikhail wrote this and from my humble experience I agree)

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Sharon Friedman

Student and teacher of movement and Martial art. Husband and Father. I can rebuild you, I have the technology :)

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