First take a partner with a non sharp rigid knife and stand at a comfortable distance from each other. He will work on stabbing you swiftly and hard in the stomach and you first just feel how your body reacts and feel the pain and fear. Next become aware of how your body naturally acts in response to this and add to that a movement of the entire body meaning that if your body jerked back and to the left, relax the hips and let the whole body take a step in that direction aligned and blending with the movement of the blade wielder. Next work on seeing how the limbs move as a result of the body movement and making that movement work for your survival. For example if you are stabbed at the upper back (yes work from all directions) you bend slightly from the hips and turn and also move forward to avoid being stabbed deeper (this only sounds complex, have a partner push you with a finger under the shoulder blade and you will feel all the directions) Now both shoulder are moving one to engage the forearm of the knife hand (unless both are knife hands) and the other is going down to press on the inner side of his knee where the density is low and the direction fits his natural intention to have him fall so you can kick him and run away to shiver and shake in the privacy of your own home…
Next have him stab and slash at you with a knife in each hand to make you more aware of your entire body because you cannot devote your entire self to his knife and the last drill is to have him with a knife in his belt or on his person walk around and you simply decide how close is safe and comfortable for you and ACT to make it so.

Brave men have monuments, Smart men have grandchildren.

Published by

Sharon Friedman

Student and teacher of movement and Martial art. Husband and Father. I can rebuild you, I have the technology :)

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