Movement to release tension in the neck and calves.

Breathing is the start of all movement. Always start with the breathing and the rest will come.
1 Sit with your legs straight together and place your hands at your sides on the ground. sink the heels into the ground and pull the body from that point so your body creates a parallel to the ground and slowly relax with the exhale to balance the activation in the front and back of this area. Repeating this daily with this attention will release the tension which creates pain after heavy rucking and release the body to move less disjointed.
2 Sit on your shin bones with your toes pointing away from you and have a partner press your forehead down so you can create a solid chain of tension from the knees to the forehead and slowly release until you are flat on the ground and back up. We build up tension in a somewhat controlled environment so we are able to release that which we do not need. Relaxation is of no value. Awareness determines what is needed now.
3 Place a towel or a rag on the ground and stand on it with your legs pointing to the sides. Place your fingers at the back of the head and press forward as the neck resists and at the same time pull your feet together from the hips and back again. Remember to feel how the tension is connected from point to point and release on the exhale.

Check and see for yourself that your entire body is following your eyes. If you look down your entire body and life will follow suit. Look forward and a bit up and see if it works for you.

Published by

Sharon Friedman

Student and teacher of movement and Martial art. Husband and Father. I can rebuild you, I have the technology :)