Connect with your heart

We often forget how what we are and how we treat what is beneath our skin allows us to feel and act on the surface. Let us take a deeper look at our hearts and how we can be both more aware and more in control through this awareness of this center of our bodies.

The heart is a pump muscle made of special muscle type that exist only there and in politicians tongues. It is on of the few systems of the body which are both automatic and self controlled by our thoughts feelings and our tuning in.

The easiest path to connecting and affecting our heart is using our breath. It feeds the heart and mirrors it as an auto pilot with an option to navigate just like the heart.

Place your hand over your heart or where the big vessels travel in the body to note first the pulse and breath to match the pulse first with an exhale on each beat and then extend to once an exhale followed by an inhale.

Continue to extending your breath over more and more heart beats and mind if you are creating an inner pressure by minding the speed of the pulse.

Continue to hold your breath after an exhale and counting the beats before the heart begins to speed up. Note your heart pulsing and aim to feel the actual contractions in order to start your acquaintance with your most amiable muscle.

Continue to focusing on positive and negative thoughts in your head as you monitor your pulse and noting the affect it has on both breath and heart beats. The more you are spread within your body, the more solid will your own actions be in contest with the waves that try to sway you in their direction in everyday life.

Lastly on this post, Tense and relax the muscles around the heart and note with time the affect it has on the heart and your general feeling. The closer you are to yourself, the more you actually live.

Published by

Sharon Friedman

Student and teacher of movement and Martial art. Husband and Father. I can rebuild you, I have the technology :)