A hole in the heart

We are all born with a hole in our hearts. We share our bloodstream with our mothers and it closes after birth with the first inhale.

We all live with this hole in our heart and so we do with pain and suffering and much confusion. It is a persistent paradigm that this suffering and pain destroys us and this must be addressed.

In any military unit, there will be a time of compression, lack of sleep and more in order to form new realities in the hearts and minds of the soldiers. There will be a greater knowledge of self and a lower level of fantasy regarding our end of game.

The point is simple and affective in everything we do. How we look at things including our thoughts and feelings affects how they drive and harness our actions. You can feel depressed because a certain lady turned down your courtship (I am very old school) and call her names in order to safeguard your fragile self esteem that has not legs to stand on or you can learn more about yourself and form either a better connection or a better you.


1. See one person in your life and how they create pain or discomfort in them (A teacher, a student, a family member if you are polish 🙂 ) And see how your choose to react to his or her words and actions and how this affects you. Separate the bait from the hook and learn to act on what you really want instead of being led by a disconnect with yourself.

2. Look at one of the things about yourself that you do not like (Accent, movement, habit and so on) and see what triggers it. Do you get angry when someone chooses to be loud. Do you become quiet and distant when something does not go your way and has nothing to do with you. Avoid trying to change yourself and simply be aware of it. Use your self talk to stay aware of it and so it will dissipate into greater awareness and control.

3. Have a partner push your face or slap it. Allow it to happen without doing anything about it a few times. Repeat the drill until you are not bracing against the movement and think of ten different things to do with the frame of his movement. Executive each way of movement one after the other with no attempt to block avoid or control your partner and see how your freedom always comes from within. A person who is on his own course will not be controlled by a faint, by an emotion or a cause that is not his own.

Smile. We all already have a hole in our hearts.

Published by

Sharon Friedman

Student and teacher of movement and Martial art. Husband and Father. I can rebuild you, I have the technology :)