the power of fragility

A wolf stalks his pray in the snow and his foot presses a twig. The twig snaps and the deer tails off to his family protection, leaving the wolf and his babies to starve another night.

There is a lot of talk about power and resilience. Many choose to show force and fan the fire under fear and weakness in order to sway the crowds their way, but let us take another look fragility from another perspective.

Nature does not waste. We live because we can and so does any animal and plant. The softness of the pine needles let them shed the snow off so they will not break and our bones are flexible to some degree in order to avoid cutting through us and in order to let us leave a part behind us if trapped. The thought of such an act is unpleasant but nature wants you to take care of those hungry babies. Even at the cost of your hand.

Fragility exists only as a point of view and so does strength. Our design is meant to save energy and it is up to us to make things move as they were meant to by being honest with all of our parameters. Your foot feels the ground in order to avoid cuts instead of having hooves. Your eyes are pointed forward for the hunt so use your ears for peripheral perception. Your hand is soft compared to the claw so use tools and keep moving. Waste not.


Ask a learning partner to press a twig to your skin. Move to keep it touching you but without breaking or bending it. The fragility of the twig will help you let go of tension and respect your own skin.

Spread a few small stones on the ground and take off your shoes. Walk slowly and let your feet tell you where to step and where to pass.

Take a piece of paper in your hand and have you partner try to take it away from you. Move to avoid harm to yourself but also to avoid wrinkling the paper. Think of a child in the arms of his parent.

Published by

Sharon Friedman

Student and teacher of movement and Martial art. Husband and Father. I can rebuild you, I have the technology :)