Hard contact

There is a buffer between real violence and training and there has to be one to allow progress both mental and physical.

Many martial arts today rely on padded surfaces and body padding. This allows for higher throws in practice and greater force exerted in contact in striking and impact.

There is however also negative in this sport application. It is we do not know how to move our bodies on hard surfaces and most do not know how to strike and get struck with no padding. Bone and flesh.

Give yourself the gift of the hard floor and the wall.

Learn to place your body from standing up to laying down on hard ground first slowly and then with awareness and smoothness it will become faster naturally and you will gain a real world ability.

Stand in front of a wall ( A good one. Many crumble) and place your hand and then fist on it. Learn to push first and to sink second and allow the entire body to become one.

There is no limit except what we place on ourselves and hard contact allow us to open new awareness and ability inside us.

Start slow and start now.

How to start with Russian martial art

The humanist movement is named so as it puts the person in the center of all things. I agree with them on this particular choice. You matter most.

Divide the choice into three smaller choices and find what is right for you right now:

  1. Find the right teacher for you.

It does not have to be a guy or a girl or with a special T shirt and an accent. Find someone that creates a good connection with you and teaches you to progress on your path instead of mimicking them and their ways.

Hint: If you don’t notice changes after a while, you are not learning.

  1. Find the right branch of Russian martial art for you.

Some focus on hitting, some focus on continuous movement and some on inner faith or culture. Find what focus you want right now and follow your bliss.

  1. Find what you need right now.

Go beyond what you want on the surface. Look inside and ask your close ones where you are lacking. Find the teacher who gives you access to undo your knots and mend tears in your whole.

A few more ideas to find and start in the Russian martial art:

  1. Make everything into breath work – it is not easy in the beginning and you don’t have to do it all the time, but at least once a day, focus on your breath in some way and it will pay forward in a long way. Waking the bridge between automatic and non-automatic functions inside us is the key to self-governess.
  2. Make sure you are healthy – Many young athletes can damage their health with enthusiasm and turning a blind eye. Older people do it with their egos and other silly stuff. Make sure your mind, heart and body are getting healthier and avoid focusing on getting from A to B. The journey is the goal.
  3. Gather a full suit of armour –Work on your ground movement, work on your walking and transitioning, work on your eyes, work on tension. Avoid focusing and drowning in one thing. You are buidling a full suit.
  4. Focus on the basics – Sure, Some skills are more showy than others but the basics cover it all by definition. Work on simple things each time and only once the soil has been watered, go for the more elaborate stuff. It will pay off.
  5. Ask questions – Why are you doing push ups ? Why are you grappling on the ground ? Why are you holding your breath ?  The moment you start asking questions, you continue to grow. Understanding why will nurish your desire to progress instead of grind and you will learn things about movement, yourself and others that will not be answered any other way.
  6. Be honest – If you hit well in class when a person stand docile next to you, it does not necessarily work the same in a real fight. Rolling on matts or a guy called matt is not like sliding down the stairs on a frozen wet spot with your son in your arms. Be honest with your abilities and with your fears and pride and remember that the way you choose to see the world, is yours and yours alone. The world does not play along all the time.
  7. Have fun – If it is not fun or rewarding in some way, Change what you do or change by questions and thinking how you look at it. Otherwise there is no point unless your job demands it and even then, even laying in mud and crap can be fun with the right state of mind. You may already have it  🙂






How to teach your kid to act and resist abduction and live a full life

How to teach your kid to act and resist abduction and live a full life


  1. TRUST

You must place trust in your kid and work in a way that there is communication between you. Trust allows your kid to tell you he feels something is wrong and the family gains the synergy or working together. Many times the danger comes from something that lies dormant near us like a person in a uniform we are used to ignore or someone we already danger scanned once. Trust your own senses and place trust in your child.



We all walk around in full kit, with our battle buddies and in the best shape of our lives, except when we don’t. Teach your kid to see things with open eyes. A school bag is a deflecting shield from stabs and a throwing weapon. A pen or pencil is a stabbing weapon and you can use one body to move another with the right mechanics.

  1. Once in a while, take your kit and look at it from another point of view. See it from the point of view of an abductor (name tags give the other person information you may not want for example) and see things from other choices of use. A pair of glasses and some aluminum foil can be a signal device, a mobile phone and a needle can be an incendiary device in the right hands…



From birth, we condition our children to obey and nature too has cues to freeze, fight or flee running in our veins. We must work we our kids to let them choose freely when to obey their conditioning and nature and when to over right the program. Teaching your kids to move when shouted at or when a loud sound is heard releases the freeze affect from dominance and teaching your kids to move freely with no breathing or sight and perform complicated tasks through games and competition will open a whole new world of confidence through knowledge.


  1. Finding your way in darkness through a maze or through one part of a car to another.
  2. Holding your breath and competing for a distance moved with twists and turns and having to think and make choices on the run literally.
  3. Teaching your children to run when told to stop, move when told to hold and so on.
  4. Teach your children to work as a group when one is singled out by an adult.
  5. Showing your children through action (trust) and words that they are always welcome and thus negating the effect of threats and bullying into compliance from outside the family cell.



Most martial art and self-defense classes teach tricks (technique) and attempted efficiency (levers and coordination of some sort). Teach your kids to adept to what is in front of them and at their sides and back. Teach your children different paradigms and let them play. Allow your children to become creators instead of followers.


  1. Play with your child with stiff limbs so they can climb and push and pull your body through the stiffness so they learn when to be stiff and when to let go dynamically according to the situation. For example: make a ladder with your arms and have your child climb it and play with it.
  2. Take a light stick and have your child pull the stick toward himself as you stab and swing the stick at him. Allow him to see something coming at him as an opportunity as well as danger.
  3. Have your child tense and relax his body parts and play different games while doing so. Let them choose what level of tension they use and learn they can move even when tense.



We see a lot more than we know we see. Our minds filter and give hierarchy to all things. Sit with your child in nature and simply absorb and open yourself to everything around you. Talk without judging on what you notice and how your senses from smell to touch to resonate and let your child learn to see instead of watch and be whole instead of the sum of some parts.



Even Disney movies are filled with pain and tragedy. Let your child see the dead bird and discuss what will happen further. Let them know injustice is a part of things and they can and will loose and get hurt and that it is their choice to cower or continue to do something and think for themselves under pressure. Do not toughen up, just be honest.



Speak and play with your kids so they are unaware of this productive and energetic part of their qualities. Let them explore their emotions and logical processes with the appearance of fear and let them feel how their bodies dissipate and reform fear into other energies and movement.

  1. Immobilization – Hold your child in a tight hug and let them breathe and feel your heartbeat and warmth (unless like me you are of Polish decent J) Have them move within this hug and graduate with care to playing with getting away from different holds and tickles as the confidence in movement under pressure is created from knowledge. Another game would be to walk in a pack where you have to change your direction without disturbing the pack movement. This of course can be done in variation and in different group sizes from a mother father and son crew to a whole pack.
  2. Suffocation – Breath is taken for granted by those who do not move much. Play with your kid by completing tasks under a given number of breaths and later on with one inhale or exhale to do the same and lastly do the task with no breath at all (the task can be to get the keys from the house or locate a black bird on a branch)
  3. Noise – Nature teaches us that one wrong step can mean death so we sometimes play possum or our bodies give up to avoid the expected pain of death (being mauled by a social justice warrior ) Speak and demonstrate to your kids that you can move after the initial shock and that it is part of the normal bandwidth to be afraid as it is just one of the thriving mechanisms we have. Curiosity did not kill the cat.
  4. Falling – Falling is a fear we have back from the days swinging did not mean dancing. Show and play with your kids how to jump and roll, how to find their way in the air (throw them in the air and let them land in the water and so on in growing amounts of spin and twist) and let them move on the monkey bars upside down and all about.
  5. Separation from the pack – Many threats of excommunication are made throughout childhood by peers and adults. We must show and talk with our kids about this and about being true to themselves. The family is god to a young child. Be a good one and keep your child from swaying in the treacherous seas of growing up.
  6. Sudden loss of senses – Disorienting and overwhelming experiences create a reset in our systems which can be used to affect change and influence. Teach your children to develop the situation without haste and to not rely on one faculty to guide them to their destination. Teach your kids to find their way when they enter a dark room from the sunlight and in reverse, Teach your kids to read a map and find their way in the day and at night and teach them that it is ok to be lost and not know what to do. Just keep seeking your destination.


To sum up, Children have great potential. We mold them and they mold us. Place your family above all else and grow together with honesty and attentiveness for the present and the future.

In the long run, it is just as important to know why we do things as it is to do the right thing. Lead and follow with a clear mind and heart and show the same to your family, both born and chosen.

The performer and the martial artist

It is a given statement to almost everyone that you have to push and pull to move people and that you need support for this effort.

We are modeled as pulleys and beams, elastic and hard and it is all true but we are ignoring three simple things.

The first is that we are dynamic structures and the nervous system governs this shifting and tilting mechanism with great grace and ability. That same nervous system corresponds with us and mirrors the contact it has. We naturally brace for impact and naturally relax when touched with a loving touch. Implement this into your practice by not pushing and pulling on each other and letting your contact move about the person until you feel where both your nervous systems meet and you can connect and release instead of an attempt to override and control. Stroking a cat and leading it to relax on the ground is easier than trying to push it there by force… If a person punches me. My goal is not to be relaxed or tense. My goal is to support my moving structure with just the right amount of tension to avoid excess which leads the contact into impact and harm. There is no right breath phase for getting hit. Only a continuous and dynamic shift of breathing to accommodate REALITY.

The second is will and desire. We want to stay where we are when we are uncertain of where to go and we want to see where we are going or we become afraid and display it with anger. It is easier to give several options to your contact without forcing them to one strict path or choice and thus avoid a struggle of will and conflict. Allow your contact to lead themselves and place before them the option that makes sense so it will be their choice or so it would seem. For example if a person with a knife grabs for my arm, I may let him grab it so I will know where his arm is and through that contact I will guide the rest of him or her away from myself or according to the situation. Avoiding a grabbing hand may be a gut reaction but also a choice of not entering the game on better stakes.

The third is our perception of how the contact should act and follow through. People expect that the robber will extend his handgun in a display of control over the space so they can grab the gun and be a hero for the day. An experienced person will hold both groceries and weapons close to the body where they are less likely to be taken away and hinder our movement.  If a person is straddling us and pushing us down, most try to push away and to roll away. Why not use that person for a shield against his or her friends and bring him closer to you so they do not see where your arms are going.

There are many ways to paint a canvas and even though the end result may seem the same. It is the way and not the end which matter and unsheathe the person within. Take joy in the daily practice of becoming who you are and make everyone your teacher.

Military tactical battle CQB COIN and babies

We all give things and actions names and tags for easy communication and common understanding.

The problem with tags is that it has a meaning of their own and sometimes take over the essence of the actual need or want.

Babies crawl and walk on their hands and knees. So do soldiers and hunters and there is no difference.

Kids play games and sneak and snatch things for fun and play and so do soldiers in raids and in need.

Teenagers in some places wear quiet clothes and take a gun and a pack and go hunting to eat and for profit.  Soldiers do the same.

The more we look at the tag or the belt or the diploma of the Instructor or teacher or Sensei or Elvis impersonator, the further away we are from our real selves and less in contact with the person.

Treat yourself to a dose of truth and just do what needs to be done and have as much fun as possible with as much regard that is needed to your image and tags you and others tag each other.



the power of fragility

A wolf stalks his pray in the snow and his foot presses a twig. The twig snaps and the deer tails off to his family protection, leaving the wolf and his babies to starve another night.

There is a lot of talk about power and resilience. Many choose to show force and fan the fire under fear and weakness in order to sway the crowds their way, but let us take another look fragility from another perspective.

Nature does not waste. We live because we can and so does any animal and plant. The softness of the pine needles let them shed the snow off so they will not break and our bones are flexible to some degree in order to avoid cutting through us and in order to let us leave a part behind us if trapped. The thought of such an act is unpleasant but nature wants you to take care of those hungry babies. Even at the cost of your hand.

Fragility exists only as a point of view and so does strength. Our design is meant to save energy and it is up to us to make things move as they were meant to by being honest with all of our parameters. Your foot feels the ground in order to avoid cuts instead of having hooves. Your eyes are pointed forward for the hunt so use your ears for peripheral perception. Your hand is soft compared to the claw so use tools and keep moving. Waste not.


Ask a learning partner to press a twig to your skin. Move to keep it touching you but without breaking or bending it. The fragility of the twig will help you let go of tension and respect your own skin.

Spread a few small stones on the ground and take off your shoes. Walk slowly and let your feet tell you where to step and where to pass.

Take a piece of paper in your hand and have you partner try to take it away from you. Move to avoid harm to yourself but also to avoid wrinkling the paper. Think of a child in the arms of his parent.

the mob

You see them coming. You feel their hatred and the violence they wish to spew. You are alone when you feel this and it is sometimes the last thing you feel.

I do not like the word humility. It is a great tool in your hand when you try to have others submit and do your biding but when you replace this word with HONESTY you get all the benefits and never start thinking you are above anyone.

Can you beat two people ? My answer is sometimes and preferably without me in their line of sight.

Can you beat three people ? Again the answer is maybe

Can you beat a thousand or ten thousand ? The answer to this is a very low percent of success.

Let us take another look at honesty. There is a very good articulation for what I intend to say:

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing

We all believe we are good. Even the bad believe there is some justification for what we do. Can we sit and do nothing when darkness spreads and later blame the powers that be for it ? No.

It is easy to drown the in day to day things. We get sucked into work, home, weekend and so on. No one expects the disaster to come and the ones who prepare for it are the ones most surprised. The first hours are mad. The next few days are a rude awakening and then there is a realization that there is little chance of ever climbing out of the hole.

The same can happen in reverse. You create the mob by placing too much emphasis on your own abilities or placing the response-ability in someone else’s hands. You shape your present by participating in it and by taking an honest look at your two hands and knowing from experience what they can achieve.

With honesty, good people can come together and do good work. With honestly we can achieve together what we cannot by ourselves. We light up the way for each other by seeing what others do not and by seeing what needs to be done.

Just one drill for today or everyday.

See what is in front of you. Do something about it with other people. Avoid the mob by undoing it’s beginnings.

For Ken Good.

Can five minutes be more than an hour ?

Can five minutes be more than an hour ? My answer is YES. It is the quality of the moment that matters.

Consider your life and see what moments of Aha come to mind. What moments of joy and pain stay with you and you will see that a single moment of clarity is better than hours and days and months of gray toned work.

I am all for giving yourself to your joy but make good use of your time and invest in quality moments in your learning. Do one super slow hitting movement with one arm noting all the excess tension and movement we all do and letting some of it clean out on it’s own. Do one long exhale till the end and find new freedom and calm within you.

Broaden your own spectrum by investing in quality.

Pride is prejudice

There are no men with two souls or two minds. Some are broken and some are scratched by events and time but we are still on an even plain in heart and mind. Our bodies all go up and down and need a mother and father to raise and introduce to the world.

The more we are proud, the more we are away from this plain within our thoughts and feelings. The more we judge a person on a scale, the more we are blind to the lessons they deliver at our doorstep.

All of us are people carrying the same torch and trying to do our best though it varies in perceived success and affect.

Pride keeps you away from the world by a guarded set of ropes you climbed and it does not allow you to continue to climb the rope with honesty and awareness. If you think, you are a Master than you stop learning. If you think you are right than you stop listening, If you think you deserve something you stop working for it and your life will be less rich and plentiful from that moment on.

Be yourself. Not proud, just yourself.

The purpose of a white belt in the Asian martial art is to signify a beginner student. Both the first lesson and the leader of a system wear a white belt. Please consider this in your own choices.