Five strategies for better understanding and progress

We do the work with great expectations of results. We sweat and toil and try our best but the results do not always mirror the energy invested.

Here are five strategies for better understanding and progress within your work:

1. Once a week sit and write what you have done during the week and what you note as progress from it. For example: I have spend 10 minutes each day focusing on tension release with the exhale. As a result I can better accept impact and my overall tension has subsided a bit. If you see that there is a negative impact or no impact, you will know to change or stop doing what you have done and avoid repeating history.

2. Once a month sit and write what you have stopped doing. Many times it is easy to forget a useful but hard practices such as holding static positions for breath counts or on the other hand forgetting you used to do or feel something bad such as back pain or shortness of breath. Note what caused the change from stress at work to a better movement pattern and acknowledge what you have lost or gained. Don’t forget your past lessons.

3. Every day take a minute and simply observe the thoughts running through your head. It has no boundaries but note what thoughts came from you and what came from Advertising, other people and media. Free and recognize your thoughts from the influence of others.

4. Every day take a minute and count to yourself what you have. This can range from your goods to your body health and family. It is easy to not see what is always there. Take notice of your own faculties unless you intend to loss them.

5. Before and after your dedicated practice, take note of how you feel, how your body handles and what your thinking is headed towards. Note the changes if any between the two positions and note where the focus was. Give yourself the gift of attention and you will know yourself on a deeper level.

Published by

Sharon Friedman

Student and teacher of movement and Martial art. Husband and Father. I can rebuild you, I have the technology :)