Choose wisely

We are raised with a set of beliefs we are supposed to operate by and thus succeed in being a part of current society and maintain the status qua. Let’s ask a few questions and see where that leads us as people  instead of cogs in the grand machine. There is a beginning and an… Read More Choose wisely

Man VS Woman

I am asked from time to time wether man are better than woman at fighting. Are men not designed to fight while women are to nurture ? I answer with a few questions so the person in front of me will form their own opinion instead of harboring my own. Here are four questions based on… Read More Man VS Woman


At times we find ourselves with no reserves. No luck or shoulder to fall on. A moment of emptiness and void. A singularity with no shade as it casts no light. Sometimes time drags us out of the void and sometimes the gear wheels of habit take us forward but not beyond that moment. Trauma… Read More Empty