Dangerous Games for dangerous times

Our brains are composed of layers. They have names which carry meanings for every breathing human. The trick is to have the layers working together and not against one another. conformity, Fear, anger, pain. All of them are tools and energy to be used or discarded at the right time. We all make these choices. Make them conscious and often.

1.       “Mind the gap” – In the London underground there is a yellow line and a gap between the platform and the rails. There  is an announcement before each train arrival “Mind the gap”. Now to the game, Place a line using chalk a stick or whatever works. One person has to stay on one side of it and one or more move to Defenestration the former over the line. Winner gets to switch roles.

2.       “Looky looky” – One person aims to catch the eye and attention of another person or a group as the counterpart uses the distraction to snatch a member of the group or attack in some way you decide on. The gypsy are masters of distractions and street hustles. Much can be learned from observing their practices.

3.       “The Policeman” – One person acts aggressively toward the target (yelling STOP, body blocking and acting with presumed authority or in some uniform as an example) as the counterpart uses the distraction to attack the less monitored vector of the target.

4.       “Bottleneck” – The attackers aim to restrict the movement and vision (angle, height, field of sight) of the target so as to create an optimal attack scenario and capitalize on it. (For example: walk in a line as to have the target stop to assess what is happening and when they are stopped and reconfigure their route, the attack springs on them)

5.       “Human cage” – One person or two are walking as the attacking group surrounds them and aims to press them in the closed confine into a desired location. Both sides practice nonverbal communication, distance, and much more.

6.       “The safe space” – One person with no weapons on them sits or walks. The other or others aim to sneak attack on him using improvised arms from broomsticks to dust (use caution not to go over the line between learning and burning) People have a false sense of security in most modern societies and recent culture shifts. Nothing could be further than the truth.

7.       “The beautiful flowers  get picked first” – A group of people go down a route. The attackers take aim of the one best dressed, best looking or with a smug grin on their stupid face. Change the parameters of the attackers and have the attacked group assess the situation before the physical contact begins to best protect the members or sacrifice them if we are discussing the smug face. No one likes a smug face.

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Sharon Friedman

Student and teacher of movement and Martial art. Husband and Father. I can rebuild you, I have the technology :)

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