Strikes 101

Blunt impact comes in many forms. Preparing to give and receive impact can greatly clear the fog of imaginary outcome and grow your awareness to your thoughts, feelings and your physical body. Practice these methods of movement with consistency and attention and you will feel progress in your impact. Solo work: Rest your arms on… Read More Strikes 101


Thunder rolls over the landscape. It goes into every opening and shakes and affects what is in its wake. Thunder is of course the outcome of lightening so we must approach our striking movement in the same manner. One of the other qualities of thunder that goes without saying is that it is not affected… Read More ROLLING THUNDER

hitting like a rope

If you have ever worked on a sailboat, you know to be weary of a rope on the loose. In these two videos we show how to both unleash and recoil this rope within ourselves. Keep safe and see each other as people instead of targets.

Fists on the wall

Our health is paramount in delivering and receiving impact. Our awareness is paramount in using our structure as it was developed to use just what is needed for the continuity of our lives. Start by standing a full step away from the wall. Relax your ankles and lean with both fists on the wall. Maintain… Read More Fists on the wall

Heavy hands

Learning to use your full potential in hitting may be easier than you think. Be mindful you are hitting real people when you do and never give more than it is necessary to get the job done. Drills to bring out the heavy hands the easy way: Stand straight and take 60 calm breaths to… Read More Heavy hands