Physics of Hitting

 I will present a few ideas to address this question. First the obscure part. You can skip straight to the movement drills and come back later for this: Mentally we place a divider between making contact and hitting. There is no actual difference aside from that line we place before ourselves to cross. Pushing is… Read More Physics of Hitting

Strike quality

So, How do I know my hitting is deep and not just swift pushing ? If you don’t have people to hit and you are not in the international space station it will be a good idea to start a group or join one if you can. For solo practitioners you can follow this simple… Read More Strike quality

Learning to take strikes

n this video we learn to receive contact in a healthy way with no excess tension and while we continue to move freely and on the other hand or foot we learn to let go of excess movement and to sink into contact for a heavy deep hit. Have fun and continue to breath.