Strike quality

So, How do I know my hitting is deep and not just swift pushing ?
If you don’t have people to hit and you are not in the international space station it will be a good idea to start a group or join one if you can. For solo practitioners you can follow this simple guideline:
1 When your movement is free, you move yourself and not trying to move others. When you punch the bag or wall or friend you will not be pushed back because you will not tense as a result of tension rising from a desire to push or expected resistance.
2 A good strike allows you to keep moving so just as in breathing you will not be needing to reset your movement or bring your limb back from the strike. There will not be an end to the movement.
3 Your eyes and breathing will be free to move and you will be free from tunnel vision and forced breathing while striking well.
4 Your mind will be free from expecting one desired result from the strike. Once attachment from result is released you will be free to act according to reality and not according to a plan that exists only in your thoughts.
5 Your face is relaxed and not doing the imitation of a kabuki actor in labor. The time to make a face while striking is in the movies and there alone.

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Sharon Friedman

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