A bit of advice for the future servicemen.

The examples are just a window to the mindset.

1 Put both boots on and then lace them. You don’t want to be in a firefight with one laced boot and one bleeding foot.

2 Always give credit when credit is due. No one soldier can win a war and a team is made or unmade by trust.

3 Shooting the silhouette in front of you can get you and everyone killed. Remember the end goal and avoid setting a foot in a trap for the joy of a moment.

4 Any piece of your gear can get you killed. A rifle sling gets caught in the wire, a grenade explodes ahead of time, an unkempt water bladder can poison at the worst time. You must maintain the entire system to survive and start from there.

5 People who can read your mind work in Vegas. You must communicate what you see and hear to others so the green machine can avoid stomping on you or snuffing itself out.

6 Laying in a puddle of donkey manure is far better than bleeding in one. Feel but don’t allow emotion and habits to rule you. A balance of mind emotion and body is a must to keep the chain connected.

7 You are good at one or two things. Counting on them to keep you afloat is a mental and emotional disability. Learn to ask the hard questions in training before the other side begins to shoot back. Avoid counting on your strong body or your good eyesight. Everything can change in a second except for who you really are inside.

8 You never know which hand does not hold a blade. Avoid assuming you have things in check. Your neck and buddies will thank you for it later.

9 Avoid hitting the earth with your steps and don’t try to stop a blade coming your way (if you need proof just take your clothes off and try to wrestle a street cat). Keep your limbs moving all the time and avoid resisting what can easily kill you and everything will be easier.

10 You are there to serve your brothers in arms and to communicate. Being a hero will get you and others killed. Serving will keep you calm and allow you to avoid self pity and misdirection.

Keep breathing
Keep moving and thinking
Do the work but keep it a service. We do not kill for killing we kill to keep others alive and free.
You have to learn to enjoy what you do. It is a choice. Make it.

Published by

Sharon Friedman

Student and teacher of movement and Martial art. Husband and Father. I can rebuild you, I have the technology :)

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