Hanging on

Here is a simple plan for your hand strength and overall shoulder and body health. Find a pull up bar, a branch or a rope to hang from. Maintain continuous breath and keep your shoulders in their sockets or release the hold. 1 Start with a daily hanging on for ten breaths. Add one breath… Read More Hanging on

Stand or sit on your knees under a door frame or post and place your hand one side of the door frame. Now turn as if you want to pass under the arm on the door and relax forward keeping your breath swift to exhale the tension that is brought up in this way and your feet relaxed on the ground. After you do this a few times it will relax and open your shoulders and it feels good after a long stay in one pose with the shoulders forward or with the neck looking up as you lie down. You can do this drill in many ways as long as you keep the goal or direction positive. Remember that a goal has an end and a direction has not. It can be both good and bad.
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