The stick crawl

Take a sturdy stick and ten paces of clear ground. Crawl back and forth using these variations to clear tension and build good movement all over. Guidelines: Keep breathing. Let the breath make the pace of movement Relax your eyes. Let yourself see what your body is showing you. Avoid making noise. Noise is garbage… Read More The stick crawl


Ground engagement is often taught as a survival skill instead of an integral part of natural movement. It is joy and pashion that fuel us in the best of ways. Roll and enjoy the movment so you can keep on developing and living instead of surviving. And now to the movement/thought behind it: MASS SHIFTING… Read More ROLLING COURSE 101

Hanging on

Here is a simple plan for your hand strength and overall shoulder and body health. Find a pull up bar, a branch or a rope to hang from. Maintain continuous breath and keep your shoulders in their sockets or release the hold. 1 Start with a daily hanging on for ten breaths. Add one breath… Read More Hanging on