Crowd Knife work

Here are ten knife drills to do in a group: Place a knife on your body without your partners seeing (blade on body is not advised) and walk calmly. Have your partners work to bump and touch you while walking in a casual manner and find out where the knife is. You work is to… Read More Crowd Knife work

600 breaths

1.60 breaths – Walking on your toes 2.60 breaths – Walking on the outer sides of the feet 3.60 breaths – Walking on the inner sides of the feet 4.60 breaths – Walking at half height with the legs under your hips and the back upright 5.60 breaths – Walking in the full squat by… Read More 600 breaths


We all think of how to grow. How to better ourselves and how to see and know more of ourselves and others. There is a very simple template to this which I will share and give examples down below. 1+1 = Everything.  Simply put, this means that you start doing one thing such as paying… Read More 1+1=EVERYTHING