We usually work on being relaxed and having each part work individually. Here are some ways to make the body come together and deliver better: Sit on your behind with your feet in front of you and rock back and forth from back on the ground to legs on the ground by shifting your breath. This looks like a sea saw and can help you get up after a fall or a roll or to get into firing position (do this after you learn to roll so you remain flat on the ground at the end of the roll). Now tense the body enough so it is aligned on the ground and let yourself be rolled  back and forth. This helps you relax within the form and take hits better (use your breath in the stage you are impacted on to survive the impact ). Now stand up and tense only enough to maintain your form and let a partner or more move you like a statue. For example a partner will put his hands on your shoulders and lower you back as you maintain your form, A partner will place his fists on you and push you from one to the other like a metronome and so on. You need to be aware of tensing up in your entire body to be able to keep your form and to be able to be both relaxed enough to move and tense enough to keep your form. Make sure you are aware of your feet the entire time you spend with this drill as you modify and use your intuition to do the work you need to do.

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