A lot of times people brace against a support to gain balance. For example you place your feet against the wall to help yourself gain speed or push yourself off the ground with your hands as you get up. There are times for this method of course and there are times to gain balance from your own motion and structure. For example if you are on your back and want to get up you can roll to the right and with your shoulders spiral your arms one way as you move your hips the other way and this spring will get you up without disturbing the ground. You can use both tension and relaxation as you tense the legs for a second and roll yourself around this base from the hips and than relax and let the body fall into sitting or squating. This comes from understanding and mastering your body through practice. To get there lie on the ground and have a partner push and pull you down as you are getting up. Try not to push through the ressistance and give him support for his structure but flow through the changing levers and pressure you are getting and after a while you will feel your breath throughout your body and use all your parts together. For example if you are pushed in the chest down you relax your chest letting the hands slip to the sides, move your eyes to see how the ground changes around you and shift the weight distribution in your hips so you slide under the body over you. Now you can use the mass of your legs to spiral sideways and escape. This is better felt and seen than read. A good way to do this is to have a partner push and tap you with a heavy stick so you must relax and move to survive. Start slow and keep your eyes free to see everything. this way you will not let fear take over you and with honest work learn what works and what doesn’t for you.

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