Dealing with emotional hits.Beside the deep hits that release stored memories in us there are hits and contact that raise feelings in us and those can harm us a lot if they get the best of us. To experience this and to learn to breath through it, Place your arms behind your back and have a partner or two start to hit you as you avoid with your movement and hit with your body and legs. Have your partners slap and grab your face, kick your behind literally and drag you around as it is very hard to keep your mobility and your inner calm (relaxation, freedom, your own mind). Be careful as an instructor who you do this drill with. Many are not ready and we are not here to do harm. Give the ones that are ready a moment of honesty till they move freely even when you want to run away of feel the tears welling up inside. Those are feelings and your body telling you it needs to clean or rid itself of things it doesn’t need (just like the need to go to the bathroom when the chopper suddenly looses height or you are being shot at Smile)

Smile and be thankful you are alive.

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