Whip work for fear and honest natural movement

Take a good rope like a military climbing rope and take two lengths that span from finger tips to fingertips fully extended. Now double them and tie them to each other in the middle creating a flexible knot and than again half way from the open strands. This creates a semi flexible and guide-able whip with an elbow and a fist. Now take the open strands in each hand and start to swing through your partner with him moving with the body first and the limbs moving with the body to blend and survive this . At first move very slow and as you get more comfortable allow for faster and more three directional movement using both whip hands at once. At first the partner should blend with the motion keeping himself safe enough (you will get hit and it will hurt) keep moving, changing your direction and breathing to avoid attaching yourself to the pain and fear of being hit and you will learn a great deal from this drill. Do not hurt each other and remember there is a human being both wielding and getting the whips.

Keep moving inside the partners movement and don’t focus on the whips. See all the motion and you will be able to work through your fear and grasp much more. 

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