Have a partner take a heavy stick and have him move it in hitting moves very close to your body. Tense up and hold your breath as he does this to become aware of the natural fear reaction in the body. After you do this for him as well keep tensing up but breathe normally and in the next one relax and breathe normally.
Once you do this have him move still slowly so he will hit you and it is good to hit each other a few times so it is a known effect though not if full swing. Now you will hold your hands behind your neck or back and move without haste to avoid the harm. Make sure you pay attention to your direction (coming in or out of the threat) and heading (what are you facing and what do you see)
In the next drill you move so you effect the stick with your body and legs (for example: have the stick slide on your chest down and as one end reaches the ground you step on it on your way to the partner) This is a good drill to do in three or more so you don’t fix yourself on one movement and forget that your survival is more important.
Now release your hands and use them to guide and direct the stick where you are safe and able to work better. Again having a few hits to the arms will help you learn not to tense up or try to grab a lightning.

Breathe and relax your eyes. Use your tension to your advantage.

Published by

Sharon Friedman

Student and teacher of movement and Martial art. Husband and Father. I can rebuild you, I have the technology :)

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