Choose one of the four basics (push up, sit up, leg raise and squat) and do 1 per each breath phase. Prolong this to do 3 to 4 per phase and go to your max and try to go past it from time to time. For example if you can do 12 sit ups on the exhale, try to do more and relax to reach a higher level of relaxation. If you collapse keep moving through whatever breath phase comes next to learn to keep moving if you are hurt or surprised in a fight. Remember that the movement comes from the breath but you have to still do the work. Keep doing the work and moving as your control of breath is finished will help you reach a better level of calmness and lower your surprise rate in a fight.

Try it.

Published by

Sharon Friedman

Student and teacher of movement and Martial art. Husband and Father. I can rebuild you, I have the technology :)

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