Part 2 of the get ready for the army notes: What to work on?

In the years I have studied the martial arts I have followed many ways to train and exercise. So far the best method to advance and enjoy the work for me is a two end approach. You take a good look at yourself and point out what are your very best parts and the worst. You create a plan to work on those both ends in the same time and so you bring yourself closer to a clean place while you enjoy and learn from the work. For example I enjoy and love to roll so I practice this natural movement to advance something I have a minor talent for and I do not enjoy nor am I good at swift movement so I work on spring movements and the way I look at them. This is just a simple example but you can apply this to your daily work and to anything else in your life. You have to be honest though. Otherwise you are looking at a distorted mirror.

There is great power in being able to laugh at yourself and to enjoy yourself at the same time.

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