First start at a comfortable distance from your partner and place a hand or leg on him anywhere you like. He works to lever one of your joints (the neck is a lot of joints and free game) as a part of him walking and changing the angles between your bodies as a way to let you complete your move. He needs to feel the direction of the hold and move with it a bit and than to add a direction and lever you. Your job is to slap or hit him in the face or neck if he stands still and wants to lever you with just his arms or legs in place.
Fore example if Johny places his hand on the back of my neck and pushes backwards, I take a step foreward and turn at the same time and lift my lebow to lever his elbow. If I turn in place he can kick or hit me to let me know I am a sitting or stading target and using him as a point of reference in space.

Next do the same drill only using both arms or anything you like as you walk and your partner is coming to lever you and you work on relaxing and first moving with his direction and rolling as you lever him. Consider this a drill in relaxation and humility and not as a mode of conduct. Sometimes it is better to fall or roll than to be stabbed in the back or in the leg.  Your partner will make sure you are removing all of your body out of the way by finishing his movement to help you learn to be aware of all your parts.

Next use a knife to lever each other in a sitting position and you move with the direction of the blade to survive and use the natural movement of the body to hit and lever your partner. Use all of your limbs and body and work slowly so you can clean out habbits that come from a tensed reaction and not from your natural relaxed movement.

Next use a small stick or a rolled up paper to work against the lever of the knife your partner is working and remember to use both hands and to avoid getting fixated on the tool.

Next close your eyes and walk slowly in the space you are working in and have your partners push you in various places to help you relax and move naturally. Next you start to hit or lever as your body naturally finds a way out and than do a few of the basic four drills to clean out what mental tension came in during the work.

Remember the learning is meant to help you live well and survive in any situation. It is not the goal but a way to it.

Published by

Sharon Friedman

Student and teacher of movement and Martial art. Husband and Father. I can rebuild you, I have the technology :)

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