Helping a partner clean out the fear of hitting others

First he or she needs to understand that in hitting each other we help ourselves clean out fear of the unknown and fear of contact and are actually making ourselves healthier.

Next simply do a few pushing drills such as:
using your fists to roll someone on the ground,
do push ups on each other,
place your fist and work on turning the person with the push while squatting,
Stand on one leg and work on pushing each other without tensing up and pushing with the ground,
walk up and down each other using first hands and than fists,
use your forearms to walk up and down each other on the ground,
squat in front of your partner and push his legs in different places first with your hands and than with your fists to first help him relax and than to lever him.
Stand up and use your feet and legs to push and lever each others legs,
Lie on the ground and roll on each other gently(without using your arms) to feel the tension and help it come out,
stand and push each other using your shoulders head, chest, hips behind thighs knees etcetera,
place your fist on each other and feel the breath and push on a specific breath phase,
stand or squat in a circle and push one person in the middle from one to another or all at once to help him relax and build himself each moment anew,
lie down and walk up and down each other without looking down to help each other relax.

Realize that in Systema we hit to relax the partner or whoever comes at us and to place him or her in himself which is doing good.

Published by

Sharon Friedman

Student and teacher of movement and Martial art. Husband and Father. I can rebuild you, I have the technology :)

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