Take a partner and stand touching him. Now take one step backwards and mind the space between you. Take another step and again mind the gap so to speak. Do this until you feel you are completely out of reach for him and relax. Now take a gun or a knife (use a practice piece or at least check it is safe for use) and draw it as your partner walks toward you. Check if you had enough time not only to draw but to be able to use the tool and have the rest of you also ready to work (eyes free, hand relaxed and ready and so on) Do the same for each step between you and increase the walk to a run and when he reaches you he works to control you either by using your tool or by any other way. Repeat the drill as both of you walking side by side and slowly decrease the distance between you. Remember to breathe and relax the eyes and once you are walking shoulder to shoulder you can choose either to work on his body and than draw the tool or at the same time. He works on his awareness and choosing his response and also you both learn your individual distances and logic whether to go for the tool or use what is at hand.
Later on you can use what is around you like a telephone book to create an obstacle or distraction and get more time for the draw or add more people and have all walking around and you have to choose your response when you recognize who and what is happening.
One of the most important things are to stay relaxed and avoid getting caught in one action and work desperately to complete it. Find variations to what you are doing (draw the blade in one hand and hold the person at bay with the other as you kick him or move behind a table and as you throw something on him with one hand you draw the knife) and remember to get to the result and leave the way to your intuition and what you can do at the moment.

Published by

Sharon Friedman

Student and teacher of movement and Martial art. Husband and Father. I can rebuild you, I have the technology :)

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