A template for the new year :)

Morning: Gratitude affirmations and visualization.

Drink a lot of water and tea


10 minutes: Static push up holds as I tense and relax doing a (inhale, exhale, pause) cycle.

15 minutes: square breathing though the body timed by pulse and pendulum walking using 12 count

15 minutes: ground work using bound to unbound

15 minutes: 4 basics using the (inhale, exhale, pause)

15 minutes: Knife work going over shapes, flattening and work


10 minutes: whip myself to clean out fear and pity and open myself to natural self control.

15 minutes: one leg no eyes cleaning and body sense work

15 minutes: Slow 4 basics and slow work (walking, shadow fighting)

15 minutes: Rolling standing to ground to standing doing 2 of each roll.

15 minutes: Stick work on Density, alignment and wholeness.



30 Jesus pose leg lifts to each side (face up and face down)

30 wall squats

30 stand on one leg and do a cartwheel in place on that leg

30 handstand push ups

30 rope pull ups

10 minutes juggling the water bottle and the tennis balls off the wall.



30 minutes of walking up and down the stairs with a metal pipe overhead or hill sprinting.



Fast douse and scout in nature.


Published by

Sharon Friedman

Student and teacher of movement and Martial art. Husband and Father. I can rebuild you, I have the technology :)

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