Go to a local park or the general outdoors and look according to the conditions you find, what you can use to survive against dogs and other animals. Since dogs and wolves are poor climbers you can look for a hard to climb children monkey bars where even if the dog jumps or clambers you can dismount it easily, You can go into the river if you are a good swimmer and the temperature is right for swimming. You can use an old dry branch and your lighter to create a buffer of fire if there is no pack of dogs and you noticed the threat in time and you can use public restrooms if they have doors that can be closed or barricaded.
Most important of all are your humility so you will not ignore what you see and feel before you feel it biting you in the ass (literally :)) and your relaxation so you pay attention to your senses instead of working within you inner voices.

One more note is to pay attention that dogs as well as humans have a predator instinct to follow and kill what they conceive as escaping pray. In humans it is mostly dormant but still in the back of our heads and in dogs and all wild meat eating animals it is very accessible and once it is on very hard to turn off. If you have a pack of wild dogs and you kill the first one that comes at you the rest will follow and finish the job. If you cripple the first one you have a chance of scaring them off by being calm enough to show them who is more dominant in terms of pain and noise. This works for people too but I hope you don’t get to find that out for yourselves. Keep moving and keep comfortable in all ways.

Published by

Sharon Friedman

Student and teacher of movement and Martial art. Husband and Father. I can rebuild you, I have the technology :)

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