Breaking into your house can happen. You may be armed with a trained guard dog and a rifle or you may be armed with a mobile phone and cleaning materials. Your wits are what will keep you unharmed the same way that how you move is more important than your mass or muscle. For example if you notice you are in your house and other people are entering uninvited you need to gather from what you hear, smell and feel about their intentions and act to survive. If they are many and loud than getting out of the house with your mobile phone and calling for help will be a logical idea when possible. If you live in a large building and you are stuck in your bedroom without a phone and you want to alert help you can set fire to a bed sheet outside your window which will alert the area to call for help for their own benefit which is more important to them than your survival, you can barricade the door if possible and cause a lot of noise and visual noise using the windows, you can slip into a unknown closet like a filthy cleaning closet because people who are after goods will search the house for anything marketable that they can use and you can use what is around you to defend yourself and your family in case it is needed. For example a soap in a pillow case is a good swinging mace, cleaning fluids like acids and fat dissolvers are a great way to flush poeple out but remember that you are not attacking but concentrating on your own survival. That way you will not cross the line and put yourself in unneeded danger or think of the attackers survival before your own. Remember the layers of importance yourself, family, friends and comrades, country

Published by

Sharon Friedman

Student and teacher of movement and Martial art. Husband and Father. I can rebuild you, I have the technology :)

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