Inner voice: From the coming book Bound to unbound

It is always a factor yet it is rarely addressed or even within your awareness. Listening to the inner monologue can be very helpful as all you sides from sub-conscious to fears to wants come into play meshing within it but it can also give way to a lot of negativity in pride and fear and wanting other people to act how you wish them to act.
Three drills to clean out this lack of awareness:
1 Start in a static position such as the lower end of the squat with a aligned back and neck or the static push up and whichever thought “passes” through your head you say out loud and listen to it and release it to the air so it has no effect on you. This will be very funny and liberating at first (not a first date drill mind you) and with practice you will be able to release the hold these passing thoughts and feelings have on you not to mention humility to boost you life and connection with others.
2 Start walking or swaying in place and while exhaling slowly and as you start feeling distress and wanting to inhale or stop tell yourself “I am feeling X” X = angry, pain and so on. There is great power in realizing different emotions and feelings and once you can say I am frustrated or bored or angry again the hold on you is less and less.
3 Close your eyes and perform regular tasks at home or somewhere safe enough and continue to do so as you breathe and work on relaxation in your body. Work on your face and massage it gently and as you work and experience surprises such as pouring a cup of tea without sight It is more interesting that you may think and allow yourself to feel the emotion display on your face. Once you are away you will be less affected from your own body position imposed or not and less affected from the aggression of others.
Do the work.

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Sharon Friedman

Student and teacher of movement and Martial art. Husband and Father. I can rebuild you, I have the technology :)

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