Plan minimum

A student asked for a six day plan to do a bit each day. Five minutes a day. It is an excellent idea in moderation and in systema working for you instead of you working for it.

A walking on hands and feet or fists and feet according to feeling. Work face down and up and forward and backwards. Don’t forget to switch while in this position from face up to down.
B lie on the ground and use your body movement to move your limbs and crawl on the ground back and forth face up and face down
C place both hands toward the sky and relax your eyes. Start to sit down and get up and playing with the positions from sitting on your behind to chest down to back and back up again.
D Start from sitting on your behind and roll back and forth and side to side. continue to rolling from the knees in all four ways and then from a squat and from standing.
E lie on your back and lift both legs in the air. Start drawing letters or numbers with both legs and then each leg on it’s own. Alternate with knees and toes.
F start walking and with your hands start drawing numbers or letters in the air first together and then each arm on it’s own. Remember in all drills to let the breath start the movement, to relax your eyes and to smile from time to time.

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Sharon Friedman

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