Pieces of darkness

We start this drill solo with inhaling and exhaling while walking taking the same amount of steps per each breath phase. Walk around the house or wherever you are and open your eyes only on the Inhale (the body and mind relax more on the release so it is better to start the work on it) Allow the awareness and memory to come to you without straining and increase the number of steps you take per phase. Repeat the drill with eyes closed on the exhale and change the place you do the drill without placing yourself in danger.

The second step is to blink your eyes open only when you switch from inhaling to exhaling and vice verca and again allow the number of steps to grow naturally as you learn to pay attention to more of the signal your body is already getting. When you body tenses up or fear rears up simply speed the breath up and the sight blinks along with it. Matching the breath to the work is a response but choosing to breath according to the honest signal your body and mind are giving you allows for freedom.

The last phase is doing any drill with changing speeds. For example you walk a few steps and then spring for a matching number of steps along with your breath spiraling up and down. Use either eyes open on one breath phase or blinks between breath phases or if you have a student you can trust rely on voice commands to adjust direction and action.

Work with the goal to increase awareness and you will gain confidence out of self knowledge. Work to gain skill and you will always be limited to the cage you draw yourself into. Be clear in your goals or you will be the drum someone else beats on to make sound.

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Sharon Friedman

Student and teacher of movement and Martial art. Husband and Father. I can rebuild you, I have the technology :)