Release the trigger

Most of the time we are training to react. We memorize a response and couple it to a trigger and run the program in a loop. This takes a lot from our freedom and usually it is akin to trying to open all doors with the same key.

Here is a simple drill to start releasing this form of trigger work in three stages.

1. stand facing the wall and have a partner press you to the wall his fists hands and feet. Keep breathing and work to remain comfortable. Add a small screw in one of your hands or attached to the soles of one leg and repeat the drill without a fixed tempo so the student facing the wall can learn to choose what to do and avoid getting tense in anticipation. Change roles and repeat several times.

2. Stand facing the wall and close your eyes. Repeat the above drill and note how your body feels the contact before it arrives and remember to remain relaxed and comfortable. If a screw is moving toward your spine move to avoid injury and as the breath continues and the body moves the limbs come with them and can provide the solution (sometimes the body is enough and sometimes the wall can be of help)

3. Hold your breath and repeat the above drills until you can hold no more and a bit after that. Learn to know you are human and mortal and even then there is a lot you can do to keep moving for yourself and for others.

Eyes closed = more attention to other senses

Breath held = more attention and acuteness to everything

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Sharon Friedman

Student and teacher of movement and Martial art. Husband and Father. I can rebuild you, I have the technology :)