Looking into fire and darkness

Our memories span more than our history. Our memories span the time our race spend on this earth gathering lessons and trying to understand the shadows and light. The fire and the abyss.

When we stare into the fire and see figures dancing in it or watch the darkness of night shift form while staying an open abyss we dive into our ancestral and hidden memory and open ourselves to it’s lessons but also to its downfalls.

We go into darkness from light and seek fire as illumination and thus create both sight and shadow. Within shadow lies the fear of the unknown our ancestors had and in our attempt to avoid the realm of not knowing we begin to make up things which are not there. The load becomes much lighter in life by accepting we do not even understand fully what is in front of us and a vale of false pretence is lifted off us.

Here are two drills to illustrate this:

1 In an open space have two or more people walk through you with you avoiding contact. We change this known drill by addin one simple rule. You cannot look at the people coming at you and once you see then you must move your gaze onward. Knowing what you do not see can be very affective in getting connected to nature without the shadows getting in the way.

2 Walk around your house slowly with your eyes closed and listening feeling and tasting you work to avoid all walls and contact besides your floor. Move slowly if you wish to open the door to this. If you like me need to support glasses avoid leading with your nose…

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Sharon Friedman

Student and teacher of movement and Martial art. Husband and Father. I can rebuild you, I have the technology :)