No emply places

Often people look at a bird flying without noticing all the air around it. A tree is remarkable for its leaves and branches but people miss out on the spaces between them and the light which passes between them.


Stand in front of each other and ask your partner for the drill to slowly hit your face. We choose the face to further free the eyes at all ranges. As the movement toward you happens notice the space created by the moving body and limbs and allow the strike to land softly a few times. Next move your arms from the open space between the arms and the body to affect his movement so you are not escaping the strike but adding to it. From self control we begin to affect others and becoming aware of the empty space will remove a rather thick cloth from your eyes.


Look or think of something you feel strongly about. A loved one, an enemy and so forth. Count what you consider their virtues and slowly run down toward the neutral qualities such as taste in food and go to what you consider negative such as enjoying Brussels sprouts and racism. Reverse the scale and see the same qualities working to find the good in the bad and vice verse  so you can see the open spaces in your emotional picture taking and again self awareness is freedom.


Take a look out the window or simply look at a batch of nature. Even the most urban place has nature from flies to tell you who left food or bait out to moss telling where moisture seeps. Find two objects and divide the space between them and find something in the middle. It can be a crack in the sidewalk, the trail of a slug or the direction where a motor is running. Continue until you have no place to cut and start again. This way you clean out the notion that there is space without a happening within it and you will be open and free to note smaller and less educated sign. For example if you walk in a savanna and suddenly the birds stop chirping before dusk becomes dark it is a very serious sign. If you walk down the stairs and suddenly the staircase stops cracking it is also a sign. Tread with care.

Repeat the same drill with a partner and give each other your landmarks and learn from your close but different points of view.

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Sharon Friedman

Student and teacher of movement and Martial art. Husband and Father. I can rebuild you, I have the technology :)