Stepping out of the line of the attack

A student asked how do I approach this idea of stepping out of the line of the attack:

Getting out of an incoming direction is one sided. We re-act to another persons actions and are defensive in nature. To avoid this we can use a few changes in our state of mind and body awareness.

Mind: Exchange the “getting out of the line of the attack” with placing ourselves at the back of the partner or attacker or if you are working with children placing a sticky note on their back. This will keep you active moving and also take you out of the line of the attack.

Body: Make sure you are paying attention to all of your parts and slide a limb (moving from the body from the start) on the coming partner and add the entire body after it so you maintain contact or avoid it at will and again using action instead of re-action.

Heart: Look at your partner or opponent and see something in him or her you can appreciate. It can be a well maintained kit or good smooth walking and work yourself to connect with him or her without malice or fear as another human being. (The same counts for dog attacks for example with simple appreciation to nature) Once the fear is cleared to it’s right place as a tool you will see the way already in front of you.

Simple does not equate to easy. Remember this and work diligently at your practice. Be of service to your loved ones and it will return to you many fold.

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Sharon Friedman

Student and teacher of movement and Martial art. Husband and Father. I can rebuild you, I have the technology :)