1.       Wrapping: something comes your way as an arm ending with a fist and you move your body walking or on the ground hips and shoulders in sync and wrap your limbs around it as you continue to move.

2.       bringing in: you move with your body and limbs to press the closest part of your attacker to your body as you continue to move. For example you bring your arm up from the body movement as your head is the target of an arm and continue to move as the arm is taken by your movement and not your tension.

3.       Cutting the angle: as the attack comes, you step and move your body so your limbs cut the attack. For example if a fist is coming to your head you step to the side and rotate in one step and your arm strikes the attacking limb from the less attended direction of the flesh of the forearm.

4.       Snapping: Stay where the attacker is aiming for and advance one or more limbs according to the need to hyperextend the attacking limbs and allow the added movement to destroy the structure of the joints. For example a leg is coming to attack the sides of your thighs so you turn toward it and as one arm brings in the end of the leg to your standing leg your knee rises and breaks his knee joint with just a bit of added movement.

5.        Collapsing: You move toward the target and continue to move by shifting where you move. For example: you are hit in the stomach and move in the shoulder area to circulate the impact and press on the attacker or  your arm is blocked on the way to someone’s face and you move the opposite side hip to undo the obstacle into a guide into the attacker’s face.

6.       Bringing yourself together: When one arm is under tension simply bring your limbs together to create a new awareness and move them as one. When a leg is held by an attacker simple slide the other on it and continue to move as one. One arm is holding a baby and the other is held by the attacker you bring your body to the arm and move as one.

7.       Choosing to see more: When engaged or surrounded by a group or by a force that seems overwhelming simply start looking for more targets of interest instead of letting your focus be taken passively by others. For example one strong person is pushing you against the wall and your muscles do not allow you to push him away. You seek other targets and your mind releases so you can start by bringing him toward you as you relax your legs from under you and bringing him to the wall not on his own terms.

8.       Aiding your attacker: It takes energy to fight the waves in the ocean and the winds yet sails use one direction to create another without resistance. Someone comes to kick your stomach and you raise your foot and turn to speed him up and undo his will without resistance. A fist is heading your way and you move your arm from the body to fasten the ride to the intended destination and in entering without resistance you can control the whole from within.

9.       Leaving a trail : An attacker needs a target and the appearance of a target suits your purposes all the better. An arm is driving toward your face and you raise your arm relaxed in the path of the face and move while keeping the arm in place so the target in the perception of the attacker remains. A leg is aiming toward your privates and you leave one leg in place while relaxing the other hip forward to both avoid and enter your attacker.

10.   Returning the tension without the intention: An attacker creates pressure on you with a stare or contact. Return the look if it seems logical but without any malice in your intention and no fear as well. An attacker tries to choke you and you return the same pressure with your hand as you move your neck and body to where it makes sense to be. An attacker holds you in a bear hug and you return the pressure with your shoulders and arms as you exhale and maintain the freedom of your movement.

Published by

Sharon Friedman

Student and teacher of movement and Martial art. Husband and Father. I can rebuild you, I have the technology :)