Man VS Woman

I am asked from time to time wether man are better than woman at fighting. Are men not designed to fight while women are to nurture ?

I answer with a few questions so the person in front of me will form their own opinion instead of harboring my own.

Here are four questions based on facts. Make up your own mind.

  1. Would you rather revice a blow to the head from a 50 KG hammer or a 80 KG hammer ? Man are bigger on avarage than woman but both can be trained to hit well and once that is down, the size is not as relevant.
  2. Would you rather be stabbed in the back through the kidney or through the lung first ? Man are taller on avarage than woman but we have by nature our systems stretched all over our lengh.
  3. Would you rather be shot by 5 rounds or 3 ? Since woman or people from the far east such as the “timid and docile” Gurkha are smaller, yet can still carry a rifle… You can feed 5 mouths or rifles instead of 3 for the same cost. Sometimes, less is more.
  4. Does the way you get from A to B matter?  Man and woman preceive space in a different way in most cases. Still both can learn to navigate succesfully.

A few added ideas:

It is the one who hits first who gains the advantage. Not the one who shoots first. Self control, timing and distance matter more than speed and power.

Most people who learn or teach martial art have never taken a life or were in real dire straights. Statistics show a part of the whole but not everything. Be free from dogma.

We all have one life and one set of eyes and heart (unless you are a ginger as I am) . The way we use what we are born with matter a lot more than the innitial starting point. Yes, it helps to be bigger and stronger sometimes. No, it is not a key to all doors. Sometimes it is the lighter person who can walk the ice or the medicine  man or woman to save the tribe.  Think , feel and be free no matter what you are told.


Published by

Sharon Friedman

Student and teacher of movement and Martial art. Husband and Father. I can rebuild you, I have the technology :)