Three year old children don’t need to learn about war ? I disagree. Children who are in a world that is always new and challenging,  a world where they are usually weak and lack in body and mind toward the competition they need to study war.

They just need a better approach than adults to it.

War games are the best for children and society is trying to kill those because it does not fit the illusion of childhood and the illusion of society itself.

Games need to be competitive. Games need to have stakes. Otherwise you are teaching a neutered version of reality and harming children. You will also not have the true fun and growth reality brings.

Games need to be as free from adult meddling as possible. There are games with adults and some of those are great but I am aiming at an adult controlled environment which kills the game and makes them into some play. Toothless, pointless, harmful to all.

Now to the fun part:

  1. Hide and seek – Self-explanatory. (camouflage and proper cover and concealment)
  2. Collecting/building contests – who finds the first ten trucks during a ride on the bus. Which team can pitch the tent or pillow fort first. (build your future sniper)
  3. Sneaking – See who can sneak and spook better and have a good laugh (learn to move quietly)
  4. Fighting a giant – A group tries to topple or push a bigger kid or adult (team work and good fun body work)
  5. Flags – Each team tries to protect their own flag and take the other teams flag (maneuver warfare)
  6. Obstacle courses – You don’t need a real obstacle course, Just a working imagination. Go over and under cars (parked ones unless you have some Kryptonian genes), balance over poles and handrails. Make stuff up. Lots of adults get paid for it J
  7. Watch tower – One kid stands apart from the group and the others are in a line. He turns away and counts aloud to three and turns to them. As he turns, they must freeze and if he catches one moving, than they have to switch roles. If you can reach the counter without being spotted moving then you are good. (good movement and field of sight awareness)
  8. Snake – take a jump rope or stick and move it in circles around you as the others try to touch you without being touched by the stick. (Please note that these games have no bravado. You win by not losing )
  9. One legged push fight – Two or more stand on one foot and fold their arms on their chests. Now you jump and push with the body to make the other side fall or push them outside a decided line.
  10. Tug of war – self-explanatory two sides hold onto a rope and you win by pulling better, faster, in jerks. You do what you can to not go over that line and you get to repeat that so you can become better. (This teaches everyone that it is not just power and linier that wins the field)
  11. Mirror – Two or more sides to this prism. You mimic the movements of the chosen one TM and it is a game of creating expectations and repetition to lull and induct movement without actually doing it.

Let them argue and find a solution sometimes.

Let them say no and follow through.

Let them create themselves as adults, step by step.

Take games seriously. Give your kid a heads up on life.

Published by

Sharon Friedman

Student and teacher of movement and Martial art. Husband and Father. I can rebuild you, I have the technology :)